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Explore the exciting journey of understanding your own story! Find the important lessons it holds and the interesting connections it creates. Let’s work together to show others what makes you unique. Are you ready to start this life-changing journey?


1-on-1 Video Training

Are you ready to share your unique experiences and valuable life lessons in your own voice? Are you looking to enhance your business’s engagement and attract a larger customer base? Whatever your objective may be, I am here to assist you with customized training that fits your needs perfectly. Take the first step by clicking the button below, completing the form, and let’s determine if we’re a perfect match!

in person video shooting

Lasting Legacy
Personal Film Documentary

In person filming

At the heart of the Legacy service offering lies a transformative opportunity — to immortalize your life journey in a timeless legacy, destined to inspire countless generations to come.


My mission is to craft a cinematic tribute that captures the essence of your unique story, preserving it for posterity. With my guidance, your legacy will transcend time, becoming a cherished heirloom for your descendants.


Join me on this profound journey as we transform your life’s narrative into an enduring masterpiece, ensuring that your legacy will be celebrated and cherished for generations to come.

Invest in your legacy today and leave behind a lasting imprint on the tapestry of your family's history.

Simone (Mony) Bueno
Simone (Mony) Bueno

Visual Storyteller - Your instructor

Hi, I’m Simone, Brazilian, and a mom to 2 extraordinary kids. I am an independent filmmaker with a journey that began in 2008. Over the years, I’ve worn many hats in the film industry, mastering roles in pre and post-production, cinematography, and color grading. In 2020, I pivoted my focus towards a passion project—helping moms and small business owners connect with their audience through compelling video narratives.


Facing the camera myself, I conquered self-doubt, camera fright, and other confidence barriers. Documenting my journey, I distilled lessons that worked for me. Through personalized sessions, I began coaching others to build their confidence and skills on camera. The positive outcomes from these sessions fueled my ambition to reach a broader audience. My mission is to empower individuals to exude camera and video confidence, fostering impact not only in their lives but also in the lives touched by their videos.


Beyond my filmmaking journey, I bring over 25 years of web development expertise to the table. Having crafted and managed thousands of websites for diverse clients, I’ve honed my skills across businesses of varying sizes and types. My portfolio includes the creation of online courses, manuals, and user guides. Drawing from this extensive experience, I customize my teachings to cater to beginners, ensuring information is received and absorbed effectively.


I’ve crafted this business to align with my values—being around my kids while working on what I’m passionate about: stories, videos, and supporting moms.


Are you prepared to embark on this transformative journey with me?

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Hear it from others:

Simone is really flexible in her coaching style. She is equal parts, cheerleader and teacher, providing well-thought-out gentle critiques to make your videos sparkle.

Michelle Moulliet

Travel & Humor Writer

Look no further than Simone. It’s like she went inside my mind and created what I pictured but made it even better. Thank you Simone for your amazing artistry.

Alejandra Pereyra

Photographer and Business Coach

Simone helped me tremendously! She sat with me and explained everything through Zoom, literally guiding me each step of the way. Together, we were able to figure out the things I had problems with. I am very grateful for her help and all the patience she showed me while answering my questions. She is a lifesaver!”

Patricia F.

Portrait Photographer

I am incredibly grateful for the invaluable support I received in enhancing my confidence, video creation skills, and on-camera presence. Thanks to your guidance, I now feel empowered to craft strategic video content that perfectly resonates with my audience and achieves all my goals.


Pastry Chef - Indulge Patisserie


Complimentary Mini-Course​

Whether you’re a motivated self-starter or simply curious about the possibilities of my personalized 1:1 training, I invite you to join my Complimentary Mini-Course. Discover effortless ways to begin sharing your unique stories today. Each topic is accompanied by a user-friendly guide, ensuring you can easily accomplish your goals. Sign up now and unlock the potential within you!

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+1 201 839-6466

Look no further than Simone. It’s like she went inside my mind and created what I pictured but made it even better. Thank you Simone for your amazing artistry.

Alejandra Pereyra Photographer and Business Coach

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